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Hypertension is a doctors' fairy tales for which you pay with money and health

Famous nutritionist Barbara O'Neill told us how to actually get rid of high blood pressure.

Stroke and heart attack are the diagnoses that cause one in six serious illnesses in U.S. And the main reason for the development of these life-threatening conditions is CLOGGED ARTERIES!

It is because of them that you may often have a headache, vision loss, sleep problems and knee pain. And yes, all these symptoms occur precisely because of the cholesterol in the blood vessels.

Do you think age is to blame? Is there nothing you can do? Wrong!

Read this article and find out:

  • What other diseases occur due to insufficient blood flow to organs?
  • What are the signs that your blood vessels are weak and “tired”?
  • Is it hard to clean your blood vessels at home?
  • Why hypertension may be dangerous and what are the consequences for the body if you don't control it in time?
  • How to save yourself from imminent death with hypertension, if doctors and pharmacy products do not help?
  • What are the modern scientific research to lower and reduce hypertension and why it is impossible to buy them in pharmacies?

We managed to get an exclusive interview with a professor , according to the leading international medical journal MEDVESTI online, is one of the best doctors of the 21st century, a medical nutritionist, practitioner, Dr Barbara O'Neill.

But the main thing that Barbara O'Neill teaches us is to remember that our health is 90% dependent on our blood vessels.

Interviewed by Emily Jenkins

— Dr. Barbara O'Neill , you tell your patients and all of us that blood vessels make up 90% of a person's health. Why is that?

— It is believed that the largest human organ is the skin. But this is not quite true. In fact, the vascular system is the largest organ in our body. And it is obvious that disorders in it inevitably lead to problems in the whole organism.

Just think about it: to travel a distance that is the entire length of a person's vessels in a car at an average speed, you will need several years.

There are about 150 billion capillaries in your body. If you create a capillary model from matchsticks, it will weigh as much as 8 Boeings! And if you calculate the length of the vessels, you get about 100,000 km.

Here's an example to compare. On average, a car drives 100,000 km in 4-5 years. If you lay a “thread” of vessels and drive from the first end at the beginning of the year, then you will see its second end only in 2028. Impressive scale, right?

Such a huge system cannot be simple. Therefore, any failures in its work, even minor ones, unfortunately, inevitably lead to the development of a variety of pathological conditions.

—What kind of conditions are you talking about?

—Here are six of the most frequent and dangerous problems that may cause clogged or blocked blood arteries in order of increasing risk:

  • Varicose veins –the result of clogged blood vessels in the legs and feet. Terrible pain, cramps, non-healing abrasions. Legs get tired after 20 minutes of walking. Finger fungus, cracking feet, by the way, also occur due to insufficient blood supply.
  • It hurts to go to the toilet and just sit – because rectum blood vessels have also weakened, Hemorrhoids develop .
  • Joint pain – the result of a lack of trace elements in cartilage tissues. Pain in the knees, fingers and hip joints begin due to poor blood supply.
  • Liver problems – due to a lack of nutrients in the liver, brought with the blood. Because of this, a degenerative process begins which is called as hepatosis. Frequent bitterness in the mouth and belching are very common symptoms of that.
  • Vision worsens and dizziness begins – with the weakening of head blood vessels, not only cataracts may develop, but also a lack of oxygen in the brain is manifested. Day by day the lack of oxygen worsens a person's memory and reduces their intellectual abilities.
  • And at the top of the list hypertension that very disease that leads to strokes and heart attacks.

You may say that such conditions develop only in the elderly. But it's not about the age! Blocked blood vessels clogged with cholesterol and calcium are the reasons for disorders mentioned above! Your body cannot operate properly!

And these diseases will only progress, despite any drug therapy. Yes, they can be "muffled" with pills, but the reason is not going anywhere.

And the more clogged arteries you have, the severe the consequences will be. Blockages in the brain and neck vessels of medium up to moderate degree stroke and complete or partial paralysis most often occur.

Do you want to live long in a healthy body? Start cleaning your blood vessels as early as possible!

— Dr. Barbara O'Neill, why does everything depend on the arteries and blood vessels?

— Vessels are a transport system for all nutrients in the human body. Weak blood vessels is the reason why the whole body suffers, every organ without exception.

Those who want to reduce their appetite and lose weight, it is also useful to clear the vessels of cholesterol! It is deposited in the vessels, thereby blocking the path of nutrients to the internal organs. As a result, the brain perceives such state as hunger and immediately gives the signal "Give me food!".

But you're actually eating more than you need to, and the result is extra weight, body fat and fat folds. Clean your blood vessels and the extra pounds will go away along with the desire to overeat.

But once again, blood arteries and vessel system are 90% of your health. Clean them, tone them up, and then almost all chronic and "incurable" diseases will go away.

— Dr. Barbara O'Neill, what is the most dangerous thing for the vessels?

— Sometimes there are so many deposits in blood vessels that even a small lumen in them is no longer visible. This is cholesterol that clogs the circulatory system.

Just imagine that about 8% of your weight by the age of 50 is cholesterol accumulated in your blood vessels. This is from 6 up to 9 kg.

If, normally, the lumen of the vessels was the size of a wrist, so with the age its size would decrease to the diameter of a finger.

Cholesterol, blood clots and calcium deposits are the most dangerous things for blood vessels.

1. Cholesterol

The main thing that clogs your blood vessels is cholesterol. Cholesterol is a fat like substance that enters the blood vessels in two ways. About a quarter of the cholesterol we get from the food we eat, and the other three quarters are produced by our body.

Over 50 years of life, the lumen in the vessels narrows by about 4-5 times. Cholesterol plaques interfere with free blood flow, which leads to headaches, joint problems, high blood pressure, and deterioration of general well-being. But the real life threat is a serious risk of blood clots!

2. Clot or thrombus

A blood clot is a semi-solid mass of blood cells and other substances that form in your blood vessels. Thrombosis is an accumulation of blood clots in one place or even along the length of the entire vein. These are dense masses that can accumulate in the body weighing up to 1 kg. But the danger is not in the number of blood clots, but in the fact that they are unstable. They may break off at any moment and lead to terrible consequences, up to a fatal outcome .

If a blood clot suddenly blocks a vessel in your brain, a stroke will occur. If it blocks the cardiac artery, you will have a heart attack. Any other organ can also be left without blood supply, which leads to lung collapse, kidney failure, gangrene and many other irreversible consequences for your health.

3. Calcium deposits

Do you know how calcium gets into the blood vessels? These are the remains of pills and food supplements. During a person's entire lifetime, about 0.5 kg of calcium is collected in their bodies: on the blood vessels walls and inside the organs. But more than anything, our brain suffers from calcium deposits.

Calcium is a hard substance with sharp edges. He can easily pierce the vessel with any spasm caused by tension or even with a sudden change in a body position. Many strokes are caused by calcium deposits in the vessels.

Permanent chronic diseases develop with the blood vessels deterioration!

Even if you live a healthy lifestyle, by the age of 40 you will still have accumulated “garbage" in the vessels. And if you've never cleaned them, then now is the right time. Even if you feel good now, it doesn't mean that your body is in perfect condition. Many life-threatening diseases are invisible for many years and go on without any symptoms.

We all eat junk food, many of us drink alcohol and smoke. And today, for the vast majority of people, this is a habitual lifestyle. But for our vessels, such habits do not pass without a trace... As a result, they are filled with cholesterol, blood clots and calcium 5-8 times faster.

Hypertension is the first symptom that shows the need for vascular cleansing. Pressure surges indicate that your vessels are already for ⅔ blocked. But if you take pills during hypertensic crisis, then each time you add even more calcium deposits.

If you don't get out of this vicious circle right now, you are doomed! But if you manage to clean the vessels, then you will see that pressure drops, frequent headaches, joint pain will disappear from your life forever.



Unstable or high blood pressure you try to control or lower with a help of pills. If you have hypertension, it means your vessels give you a signal to cleanse them!

Varicose veins

Not attractive swelling of the veins on the legs, heaviness, pain and edema. Cholesterol deposits and blood clots clog the venous valves. Vascular "stars" or couperose gradually appear, which then turn into a vascular mesh. After the mesh is developing into a complete varicose veins condition.


Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in your lower rectum. Internal hemorrhoids are usually painless, but tend to bleed. External hemorrhoids may cause pain. If blood vessels are clogged in the first place, cracks in the anus occur.


This is the absence of blood circulation in the joints. The joints are dehydrated and begin to wear out without having time to recover. Eventually, they wear off and lose their ability to absorb nutrients. Salts are not washed out of the joints properly and begin to deposit more and more uncontrollably.

— How do you know if your health is already at risk?

— Here are 7 signs that you should definitely pay attention to. They say that your blood vessels are already in critical condition.


Clogged blood vessels don't have time to get rid of excess fluid. By the evening, the legs swell so hard that we may see where our socks were on the ankles. Also you may notice face puffiness, bags under the eyes, and it is hard to put put off rings from the fingers. And the stomach is bigger now not as you're getting fat, but because the internal organs begin to swell too due to the extra fluid in the body.


The problem is in the vestibular system as it is responsible for our coordination so that we are able to feel and control body movements and and the body position in space. The vestibular apparatus is located in the inner ear, so if it does not work properly, then hearing often suffers.


3. NOISE OR RINGING IN THE EARS If you have a noise in your head, it means that you hear the blood flow moving through the vessels. It can be a constant hum, a thin ring, pulsating or monotonous noise. These sounds make it difficult to concentrate. And it is a warning for us "It is time to clean the blood vessels!"


4. INSOMNIA The brain has to produce melatonin, a sleep hormone . It is also called the hormone of youth. If the vessels do not work properly, you may feel tiredness, sleepiness, and after a while you may have even more serious problems: early menopause in women, obesity or even cancer.


The body tries to save energy so that it is sufficient to keep internal organs in proper condition. But they don't get enough nutrition. In this state, you can't even dream of physical or mental activity as all your energy is spent to keep the organs in working condition.


Visual snow syndrome, seeing stars and all these anomalies indicate that the eyes do not receive nutrition due to diseased vessels.


In the morning, you may feel stiff, as if your body is getting rusty. You may also feel as your joints react on cold and the weather fluctuations; joints make cracking or crunching sounds, you feel pain in your knees too. All this happen due to the lack of synovial fluid, a natural lubrication fluid that helps us to keep joints healthy. It won't work properly without healthy and regular blood circulation.

Now you understand that any of these symptoms can worsen at any moment. And then, instead of simple cleansing of your blood vessels, you will have to pay a lot of money for the surgery.

Like deposits in water pipes, cholesterol has been deposited on the walls of blood vessels for years and forms plaques, which eventually narrow the lumen and prevent blood from passing freely in vessels.

Most often, some of these symptoms are present simultaneously. It is a big mistake to treat each disease separately. Pills for hypertension, ointments for varicose veins, suppositories for hemorrhoids, gels for joints. And, of course, packs of various painkillers…

Pharmacists will be grateful to you for buying loads of unnecessary medicines. But in fact, you only need to get rid of vascular occlusion.

—How may I cleanse my blood vessels?

— Olivia Walt, a 52-year-old accountant from New York, wrote to me. She has constant cramps in her legs, and it is difficult for her to walk in the evenings. Her blood pressure goes up and down a lot, and all this against the background of extra weight.

How can we help her? I messaged her the following:

"Olivia, stop listening to incompetent doctors who say that this is normal at your age. At best, they will advise you to lose some weight, but also your neighbors may also give you such piece of advice. Unfortunately, many doctors will try to accustom you to meds for which you will have to pay for many years.

A qualified doctor should first recommend you . This is a natural remedy that will cleanse your blood vessels and eliminate the causes of all your diseases. In a few months your health condition will be much better, so you will feel yourself better than I 'd say many 40-year-olds."

To cleanse your blood vessels safely I can name only one remedy with an impeccable reputation — . This treatment may add 10 or even 20 years to your life. And this will be a full life in all senses. You will feel fresh, alive and energetic until the ripe age, your brain and memory will work flawlessly, and sudden pain in any part of the body is unlikely to ever bother you again.

It is prohibited to take urgent medications every day. All they do is to hide the symptoms of the disease when the condition worsens. You are at great risk then: with such vague symptoms, even a good specialist will not be able to identify what your problem is.

, unlike 99% of other remedies for hypertension, doesn't have side effects and its effect can only be compared with surgical intervention.

is a plant extract mixture that will not be deposited in your blood vessels with other calcium clots, but rather “wash away” all the "trash" from your veins, arteries and the smallest capillaries. Everything that blocks the free flow of blood through your body the components of this product clean out: cholesterol, blood clots and calcium deposits.

No pharmacy remedies will be able to clear your blood vessels that have been clogged for decades faster than will do. And for such a major “cleansing”, one or several courses are enough.

— Tell us more about effect

—for the first month will clear your blood vessels by about 70%. It will remove up to 2 kg of cholesterol plaques, up to 1 kg of blood clots and 400 g of high calcium deposits.

You will notice as headaches are gone now as well as tinnitus. Your brain, fully nourished thanks to clean blood vessels, will start working at the speed of a supercomputer. Thoughts will become fresh, clear and understandable.

  • You will gain the ability to do what you once considered as a superpower.
  • Your hearing is getting acute
  • You will start to feel all the smells better.
  • You may be able to detect subtle differences in taste that you haven't noticed before.

Your appetite will go back to your normal level and, as a result, some extra weight will go away. You will get rid of your allergies, and you also notice that the fresh air, filling your lungs, will spread through your body in pleasant waves, causing a feeling of mild euphoria.

Varicose veins, osteochondrosis, hemorrhoids, liver and brain problems — all these diseases will become just a thing of the past, just a memory.

Your body will turn into a high-speed car where you have replaced the old gear with a new one: the shaking and rumbling will stop, your new car will drive smoothly and will serve you for many years. In the same way, your body will adapt to new sensations. It will be able to do things that you never even dreamed of.

It really is — saves thousands of human's lives!

Olivia Walt tried hundreds of various medications in her time and eventually gave up on herself, vowed not to spend money on dubious miraculous remedies anymore.

The fact that people do not know about it is not surprising! It is depressing! Such remedies as , are considered preferable in Japan and Israel, but unfortunately, here we tend to choose more aggressive treatments with a variety of side effects. And this happens due to poor awareness of both patients and doctors.

Our doubts are our betrayers, because of which we lose a lot of things that we could have obtained if we were not afraid to try.

Let me tell you a cautionary tale about distrust.

In 1847, Dr.Semmelweis worked in one of the maternity hospitals in Vienna and noticed that in his hospital women die 2.5 times more often than those who give birth at home. There is one reason — fever.

Students at this hospital often delivered babies after other procedures, such as autopsies. They wiped their hands with just a towel between surgeries. And the doctor suspected that it might have something to do with the death rate at the hospital.

Dr.Semmelweis instructed all hospital staff always to wash their hands and instruments before delivering babies. What happened next? Mortality rate has decreased by 16 times!

It would seem that everything was quite obvious — all other hospitals had to adopt this practice. But Dr.Semmelweis and his brilliant discovery were simply ignored! The medical community did not support him, despite the hard facts. A talented doctor ended his life in a mental health hospital.

Handwashing became a common practice only after 100 years.

In Europe is officially prescribed only in one hospital, where the high class, meaning ministers, deputies, spokesmen, celebrities and other elite are treated. There they are treated according to Israeli protocols, so patients get a result, not an endless process.

The rest of our people are commonly treated with chemical medications produced by factories belonging to this very elite.…

But I'm really glad that our celebrities, who have already experienced 's effect, are willing to share their stories! So, in this way, they help others to learn about this remedy!

I believe that doubts are our worst enemies, so I'm not afraid to try something new.

Let's imagine you've just bought and unpacked it. Looking at its capsules it is already clear that this is not a chemical treatment, but a natural aid to your body.

— these are carefully selected natural extracts that cleanse and restore the tone of your veins, arteries and capillaries in 6 steps.


African mango removes cholesterol stagnation. The active ingredients from mango extract knock down plaques from the walls of arteries, like tiles from the walls during its repair. But cholesterol still remains in blood vessels, as it cannot go away on its own. That's why, a second stage is needed.


The active substances from the Quandong extract continue to work. They grab the destroyed cholesterol molecules and turn them into useful lipoproteins. These newly formed proteins eliminate cholesterol from the blood vessels. At this moment, fat is burned and energy is released. In this stage you may feel a surge of strength, and your health improves.


Tamarind has a soothing effect on the blood vessels walls: those that were left without normal blood flow safely and smoothly return to its normal state. Headaches disappear, tinnitus subsides, lungs and bronchi work fine.


Active Gotu Kola extract substances find blood clots and dissolve them. The remaining calcium is carried away from the walls of blood vessels and no longer threatens to damage veins, arteries and capillaries. The risk of a heart attack is reduced to zero.


Acai berry extract improves the tone of vascular walls. In the case of microinjuries, where vascular ruptures are possible, acai active substances "stick" like a plaster, which serves as the best protection from strokes. In addition, the cells get nutrition and oxygen, and you may feel as your head is not hard as before.


The organs finally receive a normal blood nutrition. Joints do not hurt, varicose veins stop bulging. You are no longer afraid of hemorrhoids and puffiness troubles; liver and other organs are completely safe and work properly.

Butterfly effect

Effect of taking is similar to the so-called butterfly effect, when one process triggers a chain reaction of changes. If you overcome one serious problem, the others will go away too. This is your first step - start to cleanse your blood vessels.

What's going to be next? Let's imagine


You wake up in the morning and get out of bed easily. You no longer need to force yourself to get up, stretch and rub your stiffed legs, back and neck. In the morning, the body is filled with energy and strength, because your blood vessels are completely cleansed, and during the night all organs received full nutrition and necessary rest. No part of the body is dehydrated due to lack of blood supply. At night you gained strength for a new day.


Now you may eat a sandwich with a thick layer of butter and ruddy crispy bacon for breakfast — both the liver and stomach easily ready to take it. No more belching, stabbing pains in the stomach. The vessels, which are feeding the stomach, have been cleansed, so now you may easily digest even a nail!


After getting out of home, you no longer need to worry about your legs and feet as now you don't consider walking as a burden. You can walk at least all day, and your legs do not get tired and do not swell. Sandals, slippers, shoes and socks do not hurt your feet.


You are absolutely calm and relaxed. There is no more constant pain that takes your mind, not allowing you to focus on anything. When nothing hurts, familiar things, like sounds, smells, come to you with new, long-forgotten colors.


Even after a hard day's work, you come home with a clear and not too heavy head. The brain works like a Swiss watch, you don't feel fatigue at all.


Going to bed, you deeply fall asleep. You will not toss and turn in bed, suffering from insomnia for hours. Now everything is simple - you decide to fall asleep, and the body tamely obeys your command. Your sleep is sound and pleasant.

cleans blood vessels and stabilizes the arterial pressure for years to come. It does not need to be taken constantly.

In just 7 weeks, it completely recovers blood vessels and the blood pressure will be 120 to 80 for the next 5 years.

Important! It is advisable to take a course for this remedy as it has a cumulative effect. The active substances in the body must reach the necessary concentration so that the effect remains for a long time.

I may show you the second email I get from Ms Olivia Walt. She wrote it to me after taking

Ms Olivia Walt, an accountant, from New York

It's a pity that I didn't know about before. Thank you so much for advising me to order it! And it is too bad that it is not in pharmacies. People take harmful remedies like a poison themselves instead of taking a natural remedy. AND NO ONE EVEN KNOWS ABOUT A REALLY EFFECTIVE REMEDY

After taking — now my blood pressure is normal. Moreover, it has not just decreased, and all unpleasant changes have also gone. Now the upper one is stable 120-126. Looking at my legs and feet, I may say that varicose veins have gone too, and my blood vessels have completely restored. Now I see this world differently, so everything became clear in my mind!

Finally, I lost weight, and it happened somehow by itself. It was like something had bothered me before, but now it's gone. My tests show that my cholesterol and even sugar have lowered. That's what clean vessels mean! Thank you so much for telling us about . I'm going to recommend it to everyone now!

— Your patient is writing us that there is no in pharmacies. Is it true?

— Unfortunately, it's true. We have refused to pay kickbacks to greedy pharmacy chains because they wanted to make a huge upcharge so they could get extra money for each stock. In this case each therapy treatment would cost about 500-700 dollars for a buyer.

The pharmacy management explained to us that if a person buys a course of , they will get rid of hypertension and cleanse their blood vessels. So in this case pharmacies would lose their regular customers. It would not be longer necessary to buy other medications, which he routinely buys every month.

As a result, the manufacturer has terminated contracts with all pharmacies and switched to selling only via the Internet. But this is how we managed to get around a lot of problems. The process is the following: a client talks on the phone with a service representative about the future therapy and treatment duration. After that, in a short time, a client simply receives a package with the treatment advised. That's why now is much more available and affordable than when it was sold in pharmacies.

Our institute in collaboration with the manufacturer have launched the Medicare reimbursement program nationwide which is called "Cleanse your blood vessels now!"

Residents of the provinces participating in this program can receive with 100% discount

If you want to order following the Medicare reimbursement program, three conditions must be met:

• Be a citizen of the U.S over the age of 18 and reside in the province of the program
This can only be taken advantage of by residents living in the province where the following program is covered.

• Purchase for personal use only.
This is necessary to combat resellers who are trying to buy in large amounts and resell it at their own upcharge.

• Only through an official giveaway.
Due to the limited quantity of the product, we sell it through the official giveaway. Check the page below.

If you are lucky and your province is covered with the program, I recommend you to apply for as soon as possible. There are no plans to launch the second program this year.

To get a discount up to 100 % on the the Medicare reimbursement program, open one of the three doors below and find out your personal discount.

Important: It is suggested that May is the best time to start treatment. Due to average temperature stabilization, metabolism accelerates, blood circulation and the flow of blood and oxygen to the internal organs increases, so as the result the effect of using the remedy grows. Normalization of blood pressure occurs 78% faster than it would happen at other times of the year.


You can take your

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